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Monday September 30, 2013

Monday September 30, 2013

Dear Family

"This week Danshui has been good!  Poor Sister Taylor . . . the time is passing by too fast for her.  We had several days that started really bad, and then got really good, or the other way around. Sister Taylor and I are riding a roller coaster of emotions and stress, but it always works out in the end! Heavenly Father is really good and giving us just what we need.

Huang Dorthy is our recent miracle! She is still progressing really well. When we met with her on Tuesday she had read through 1 Nephi 12 (this is from Sunday to Tuesday) . . . which I think is incredible! I am a missionary and I don't read my scriptures that fast. And she's praying too, so I think she's going to get answers. (And my Chinese MUST be improving, because I almost typed "she's doing prayer too") It's so exciting to meet with someone who is keeping commitments and seems to want it.

Li Lu San is doing pretty well--we met with her again this week, and she is reading and praying, but she still doesn't know that it's true. From her comments about the scriptures; I think her faith is growing. If she continues to really seek, she'll know. Yesterday she had a day off from work. It was her birthday, so she went with her friends to Xinhua to celebrate instead of church . . . NNNNNOOOOOO! She doesn't have work off very often (she's a nurse), so that was hard.

Mandy! We still haven't met with her a ton, but she is so willing and seems to love our message. We had to teach her the entire first lesson quickly this week. She came late and we had other appointments, so we'll have to review thoroughly next time, but she was open and willing to commit to read and pray. Since she contacted us to begin with, I'm not too worried about her.

We finally met with another investigator again! She's been taking care of her younger brother out of town lately. She was great--we could barely squeeze a few words in to teach the second half of the Plan of Salvation. That woman can talk SO MUCH!  But we love her, and she's great. She is keeping commitments, including the Word of Wisdom and she wants it so much! She also came to an activity that was going on the same day we met with her, and I think she enjoyed it. A few members of the ward took the time to talk to her, and I think she enjoyed it.

We also met with a Gao JM for the first time yesterday, and it was kind of cool. When we contacted her on the street a couple days ago she was SUPER NERVOUS! When we talked about other things she was a little hai hao, but when we tried to encourage her to try saying her own prayer, she would get SUPER nervous. She almost started crying on the street (ok . . . so maybe we were pushing it too much . . . but we wanted her to say her own prayer so she could see how not-scary it was!). She still set up with us. Then the night before she didn't answer when we called. The next day when other things were going on we didn't worry too much about getting to her appointment because she hadn't confirmed anyway. Then we discovered that WE had missed calls from HER! We rushed over to the university and met with her.  I'm still not sure about her interest, but it is cool to see someone we didn't think would work out be able to meet with us, make commitments, and set up another appointment.

I feel like Heavenly Father is really guiding the work, because everything just works out the way it's supposed too. So many times things happen, just right. For example Gao JM yesterday! We were at a big ward lunch. We decided to check our phone and saw her missed call. Then the people we had an appointment with last night cancelled; consequently when we finished meeting with Gao JM we decided to go see Jean, our recent convert. She's been really stressed out lately. We ended up washing her walls and re-organizing her room/house (her room is her house).  I think it made a big difference for her! It wasn't according to the original plan, it wasn't the best Sunday activity I can think of, and it took a long time . . . but it was RIGHT. It was what she needed; we could help because our appointments all cancelled. 

That sort of thing happens a lot. Sister Taylor is so good at recognizing opportunities and then grabbing them.  I'm trying to see how she does it so I can continue to do the same! I'm actually nervous for Sis Taylor to leave. I don't know how I am going to be in Danshui without her. I know I'll have a new companion and that will for sure help, but I'll have to guide us around.  I'm supposed to already know and have relationships with the ward members.  I don't know how I'm going to do it. I don't want to lose what Sister Taylor has here!

We got to eat dinner with a member of the temple presidency last Monday night because they live in our ward. They were great. Sister Taylor and I have been having so much fun lately! We work a little bit differently, but we both know it and so we work with each other . . . and then we have so much fun!!! I'm killing my companion (meaning she goes home this next transfer day), so it's a rough transition. Mom, you and Sister Taylor should get together to clean and organize. With your ability to throw things away and her ability to work hard and endure to the end with big projects . . . you would be so great together!

Something kind of cool! I met a Shi4lin2 member who has her call to serve on Temple Square! Because of Visa stuff she's not sure when she'll leave, but when she does, you need to tell me when you go to temple square and you can take her and her companion out to dinner or something. Her English name is Emerald.

So the instrument is a traditional ancient Chinese something or other that sounds super cool!

This was our young men young women talent show Saturday night that our investigator You Coco showed up to. (It was super fun! They may or may not have made us get up with everyone and participate in the totally bu Xing dancing . . . I felt bad, but the ward members were all up dancing too, and they LOVED it . . . and I loved it too :))

That spider is in our church!!! It was SO GIANT!!! I kept getting distracted during the lesson because I was afraid of where it would go like fall on me!!!

And then the goose on the truck. Yeah I have no idea why that goose was on that truck, but I made us stop so I could take a picture.

I love my life, I love Taiwan, I love being a missionary, I love this gospel and I love my Savior Jesus Christ!!!!! I would be so miserable without the power of His love and Atonement. Lately I've been thinking more about Christ and just how much He is EVERYTHING. He is the light and life of the world, and my life, and everything I hope for in life. I wish everyone to have the best week ever and good luck with everything. I love you!

Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards, Du JieMei

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