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Monday October 7, 2013

Monday October 7, 2013
Dear President Day,

This week has been both faster and slower than normal. I feel like the missionary work slowed down. We had lots of cancellations this week. Also since it is Sister Taylor's last week, it's easy to see how quickly time is passing. We also had exchanges to start the week, which were really fun!

Our best lessons this week were probably our two member lessons.  One was a new Zhao4 JM. She was a referral from Beitou, and it seems like she has a lot of potential! She doesn't really believe in God, but she also said that she was willing to do the experiment to see if he does exist. She seemed interested in hearing our personal stories of our own conversions and how we knew. She even stayed for a few minutes into the next lesson we had following hers and then came to English Class that night.  I really like her!

Our other peike was Huang JM, or Dorthy. She's doing pretty well. Our last meeting she said she really felt like God was hearing her prayers . . . but she wasn't sure which God. But I think if she continues to read the Book of Mormon, she will understand.

We also met with You Coco this week. It was a crazy process getting to meet with her. She ended up feeding us right after we'd eaten a massive meal! The food was yummy and it worked out! She talks so much that it's hard for us to say much, or understand what she's talking about.  She is really dedicated and wants to get baptized, and is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy.  She is already in Alma! I think that is the most important part in learning and gaining a testimony of the gospel.

A very bright highlight from the week was an unexpectedly dinner with our Mission President and his wife! We were in Taipei to do temple tours, and we heard Sister Day was feeling sick, so we went up to say hi before we went out to eat. President Day came in and asked us if we wanted to eat with them. Um . . . YES!! It was so fun!! And the food was great.

Also, side note, I think the best vanillas ice cream you can buy is Kirkland vanilla ice cream. President Day showed us how he eats peanut butter with ice cream too :) Our president is SO GOOD. I LOVE him. He loves his missionaries so much, and I KNOW it. Before that dinner I'd never talked to him much, but I KNEW he loved me. He's just like that! I'm so grateful for that dinner. Thank you President and Sister Day!  Thanks especially to Sister Day for getting up when she wasn't feeling good. I loved the experience so much. The food was great but being with you and your wife was even better.

On Friday we got a very surprising phone call too--Sister Taylor's dad!! Telling no one but her mom, Brother Taylor decided last minute to come to Taiwan! We were stunned, but it was fun to meet him a little. Sister Taylor did a really good job of dealing with the surprise--we just kept doing missionary work, and he came with us for what he could. It was pretty cool for him to see how much love the people in Danshui have for her.

Saturday night was trainer calls, and that was a little unpleasant. President Day, I'm trying to change my attitude and be more humble.  Perhaps there is a misunderstanding about where my abilities are. I was worried enough about Sister Taylor leaving and getting a new companion!  This call came right after a lesson in which I realized that I completely ting bu dong'd the entire thing, which highlighted the problem: I don't know the language!!! How can I possibly train a new missionary when I can't speak the language? I know if I refused the call after receiving it I would feel guilty forever but I wanted to refuse so badly.  

I remember before I came to Taiwan I was afraid I would get some trainer who had only been out for a few months because there just aren't enough sisters to train. Now I AM that trainer that I never wanted to get. I feel I am doing a disservice to that Sister. That being said, if I'm going to do it. I don't want to give my trainee any of this stress. I want to love her and be there for her. I want to make this good for her, whoever she is.  I realized I need to believe that this is from God, and that he really is orchestrating this. I know in my head that this is true, but my heart is saying "You got this calling because there aren't enough older sisters to train." 

I'm sorry for my bad reaction. I hope this helps explain it. I'm trying really hard to have a better attitude before the week ends! It is slowly changing. I know that you are called of God President Day, and I will trust in the calls that you extend to us. I DO believe in God, everyone’s lives are in His hand and He is guiding this work. I am so grateful for you, your love and your support. I really did feel loved by you and Sister Day on Thursday, thank you.

I'm sorry I threw a temper tantrum in this letter. I'm really going to be fine. I think I kind of knew this was coming because of my setting apart blessing. I LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards

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