Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday October 21, 2013

                                                                                      Monday October 21, 2013

Wow! This week has been amazing!  The best part has been the focus and attitude my wonderful companion has brought to me, and that we've felt together. We definitely build each other up, and it makes us excited to go out and work. Heavenly Father has really been blessing me and helping me to love others. That is something that's been on my mind a lot--loving others--because when we really truly have charity for others, missionary work becomes more natural and enjoyable. So this is something I've tried really hard to develop and Heavenly Father's been helping me.

I think one subtle miracle was the progression of our investigator XXX. She recommitted to keep the word of wisdom, to come to church next month (no work!!!!) and set a baptismal date. Then we were able to meet with her again in a member's home on Friday. Which may not sound like a big miracle, but finding peike's is really hard, especially in Zhuwei, where XXX lives.  We had set up to visit a member who lives in Zhuwei the same day we wanted to meet with XXX. Woohoo!  All those little things make a difference.

Yesterday everything miraculously worked out. Our member visit cancelled. It was our only member visit of the week. At stake conference another member invited us to their home, as well as a bunch of other members. It was perfect because the last two Sundays we haven't been able to talk with many members, nor have we had any dinners with members.  Yesterday we were able to talk to a bunch of different members and share a message with them about sharing the gospel. There was one particular member whom we got to know a lot better. Then she was able to help us peike for our lesson last night. It wasn't big, but everything worked out right.

Studies have been good! We've been doing a lot of role plays, and I really like it. Well role play actually isn't my favorite thing to do . . . but I think it helps a ton. Personal study is just hard because there is so much I want to study, and only so much time. Especially when I take the time to really ponder, as Sister Day taught us, as well as record what I ponder, which I think is important.

I love Sister George. She is absolutely wonderful, and I want to thank you for putting us together. I think I am becoming a much better missionary with her and a much more pro-active missionary as well. She is doing really awesome. Her Chinese was already good, so that helps a ton. Plus she is always willing to go out and work. She teaches well and is improving quickly too. When it comes to food, we have a lot of fun :) 

I have to tell you last p day, Wednesday, we walked around with the Jilong and Neihu sisters for probably an hour or two . . . searching for Cold Stone. I have to confess . . . we didn't find it. No! Next time we're getting directions from President Day. We had to settle for frozen yogurt.

 I've taken a step toward being pro-active and trying to make things happen. Just setting up with members for next week ourselves, calling up the relief society president ourselves, etc. I've realized that I feel stress very strangely--I'm either in the green section, feeling awesome, or in the orange/red section, feeling like I want to give up. There never seems to be an in-between. But this week I really only felt stressed like that once or twice, and the rest of the time I've felt good! I think Heavenly Father is helping me to focus on others a little bit more and it has been helping a ton. It's a slow process, but I'm trying to be like Jesus!

I think missionary work, like life, has its ups and downs, I'm hoping this up will continue. Heavenly Father is real. He hears our prayers. He loves His children. Jesus Christ lives. He can overcome, and has overcome, every pain. I believe these things. They are the most basic truths of the gospel, and they are usually the answers to most things in one form or another. At least in my experience :)                                                                                  

We went to the mission office a lot last transfer. We go once or twice every transfer to do temple tours. During one of these we went to say hi to Sister Day and ended up having dinner with them.  At this dinner I did probably the best I ever have with my spiritual share . . . which I regretted when training calls came :)  The morning of the day we were going to Taipei for Trainers' training, President Day called me to reassure me that my call was from the Lord. He'd read my letter and called to tell me that this wasn't a random "Yeah I think she'll be alright," but that he knew last transfer that he'd be calling me this transfer to train, and it was inspiration from the Lord. "There are plenty of sisters who can train in this mission, but right now, the Lord wants you." Whoa. I'd already come to my own realization by that point that this was Heavenly Father's will, but President's call gave me added reassurance.

The title of my email--it's true! It has really cooled down in Taiwan! Especially Danshui . . . which, as everyone keeps telling me over and over again is bitterly cold in the winter: the coldest part of Taiwan. NOOOO!!! I didn't bring a coat! Here we go :)

Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards

A super cool back pack.

Pizza making party.  We were the only ones who made a picture with our pizza....and I was proud of us:)

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