Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday October 28, 2013

                                                                        Monday October 28, 2013

The Lord is merciful. And His love is infinite. The Love of God is one of the most basic principles of the gospel, but I think it might be one of the most important. It encompasses everything else. I love that!

The primary program was yesterday, and that was fun!! The little kids were so cute. A particularly precocious little boy's parents sat in front of us, and he was running back and forth between the front of the room and them the whole time. Taiwanese kids are so cuteJ  

Saturday night the phone rang and it was President Day! He invited us to participate in the traveling missionary Christmas Choir. Woo hoo!!! The time commitment is kind of a lot (every p day for an hour in Taipei, and it takes us over an hour to an hour and a half one way), but it will be worth it. I LOVE singing. I love it. We sang I am a Child of God this past week with our investigator XXX, and she had tears running down her face. Music is SO powerful. I believe in the power of music. I love being able to participate. And it's Christmas music! It will definitely be something to look forward too. Plus we get to check the mail when we go to Taipei, which is always fun.:)

We met with a girl a few weeks ago, but she was just 13, and seemed a bit intimidated by us, not wanting to set up any more appointments. Then Saturday night we called to  invite her to come to church, and she did! Just for the last little bit, coming to Young Women's, but it was really cool to see her show up. Also XXX came to church yesterday! She came just for Sacrament meeting. I was so happy to see her!! We were supposed to have 3 to 5 investigators at church yesterday . . . and only XXX came . . . but I am so happy for that one! I love her! And it was the Primary program, so all the doctrine was very fundamental and straightforward . . . and very cutely delivered too.  It was cool because we shared Plan of Salvation with her Saturday night, and then Sunday at church they mentioned it too. I have high hopes for her.

English class was another miracle of this week! We had two new awesome girls show up to our class . . . and then they both set up with us!! Yeah!! One was for church, and she didn't come . . . but still! It was super cool, because I always hear about success from English class, but I've never experienced much myself.

The bishop's wife told me yesterday that my Chinese had improved.  I don't know if she really meant it or was just saying it because she knows missionaries love to hear it. Either way I appreciated the compliment.

I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!! This past week I read something that has been sticking with me. Ether 6:5-12 is a beautiful analogy for trials in life and how to face them. I've noticed the analogy many times before, but a different part stuck out to me this time. Verse 5 says "And it came to pass that the Lord God caused that there should be a furious wind blow upon the face of the waters, towards the Promised Land" The LORD caused the wind, and it is furious, but it is pointed toward the Promised Land. On  my mission I get the distinct feeling that the Lord is preparing me for things to come in my future, and that a furious wind is needed in order to make it to the Promised Land. Sometimes we will be buried under the water because of the fierceness of the wind, but it is in these times that we rely fully on the Lord and call on His name to be lifted back up upon the waters again. And the fierceness of the wind indicates the things the Lord has in store for us. The refiner’s fire will get very hot sometimes, but the Lord has "created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work." (3 Nephi 22:16) I want to become the Lord's tool, and I sense that he is preparing me to become the tool that He can rely on and will use to bless others.

We met with our bishop yesterday. It was a little like a training class. He started out and I was motivated and excited to do everything he was talking about, then I got overwhelmed, wanted to cry and give up. He ended expressing his support and understanding, which resolved some of the just-wanting-to-give-up feeling. He really does remember what it was like to be a missionary, and the different pressures and struggles we face, and that fact alone is SO helpful. Plus he understands his ward, and that helps a lot as well. He has a different perspective than we as missionaries do, and it's really nice.

I love you!! I am praying for you!

Sister Edwards (Du4 Jiemei)"

First time going hot-potting
A member in our ward who is a professional cook.  Her food is always SO GOOD. when we go to visit her this is what she gives us.  YUMMY

These are pig's feet, just because everyone needs to become familiar with pig feet.

MRT is Taiwan's subway system.  The brightly colored bus thing is the coolest MRT train I've ever seen!!! It was like that on the outside, but the inside was evern better!  It had only three cars, but each one was differently themed and they had TVs playing stuff about the area.  Super Cool!!!

These are views from Danshui or Sanzhi, a place in our area.

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