Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday September 22, 2014

Monday September 22, 2014
Dear Family,

I’m doing well! This past week we had an outdoor zone conference that was SO fun! We have a couple of investigators who are really progressing towards baptism, so that's really nice.

I can't believe you asked about Andrea! It's just so ironic that you asked this week, considering we had a chance meeting with her on Saturday. We were at the night market on Saturday evening eating/meeting with an investigator.  Andrea had fallen off the face of the earth because of opposition from her mom.  On Saturday night  Andrea and her mom approached US, tapped me on the shoulder and said hello!  At church on Sunday two members separately asked me about Andrea. God is involved in her life.  THANK YOU so much for your prayers for her. I keep praying for her as well. I put her name in the temple when I went a few weeks ago too. 

David keeps being miraculous! Our peike, out of the blue, brought up the Word of Wisdom during our last lesson. We ended up teaching that lesson and David accepted it with no problems!  And he came to church!

The Li's are doing OK. They are TOTALLY feeling the Spirit! But they are still having a hard time recognizing it. We’re done visit them super often, but we are still trying to work with them. They really are SO good. They just need a little more faith and action. But I think they will make it in their own time.

Last week we had no luck knocking on doors. After a while we decided to change locations. We started to bike somewhere new, and saw this girl walking into a hair salon. We stopped and asked her if we could give her a tract. Less than fifteen minutes later she had a baptismal date for  October 25.  So cool. All that time knocking with NO success, so that we could be in the right place and the right time to find this other girl. God is doing his work.

We survived another Typhoon and an earthquake this week! (Yes, we did make s'mores over the stove during the Typhoon :))

I love you!
Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards

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