Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday September 15, 2014

On Monday September 8, 2014 Rachel told us that Zheng 4 (Allen) got baptized.  I believe that this is his baptismal picture.

Monday September 15, 2014
Dear Family,

Lin2 came to church on his own last week, and said he felt something. He's been to other churches before and for a time studied the Bible a lot, but something is different this time. He was actually contacted and taught by Elder Squires in Tao Yuan around Chinese New Year! But he was too busy then to keep meeting with missionaries or progress. He moved to Hualian a couple of weeks ago, and is so PREPARED now! It is so cool to see him feeling the spirit and desiring more.

On Sunday a new member, just baptized in GaoXiong two weeks ago, came to church. She's coming back to school and will be in our branch. As we talked to her, she told us that she was first contacted by missionaries in Hualian . . . in June . . . right in front of Mos Burger . . . which was in our area. Neither she nor I could remember clearly that I had been in on the original contact. Unless we were on exchanges that day, my companion and I were the missionaries that contacted this girl and sent her info to Gaoxiong! It was SO incredible to me to recognize the impact of one simple lesson on the street. A lesson that I couldn't even remember giving. NO EFFORT IS WASTED!

Love Sister Edwards

The following are pictures of the Autumn festival that Rachel talked about last week: I believe that there are two sets of Sisters in Rachel's apartment.  Obviously learning to make the food for Autumn Festival.

A day at the beach with a loved Sister.  Maybe Angel???

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