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July 7, 2014

Dear family,

The Li family is incredible! This is the Li Que Su Lian (Shirley) that I've talked about before. They are 68 and 71, and the cutest couple in the world. This past week, when we were visiting and following up on their Book of Mormon reading,  Sister Li shared with us how, when she read 1 Nephi 4, she believed God existed. It was so incredible. And then as we started to teach about faith, they already knew what it meant! Brother Li DiXiong literally said, "Faith is power," which is part of a famous motto in our mission. Sister Peay and I just looked at each other and grinned. They came to church on Sunday, and in their Sunday best, and the ward loved them as well! Brother Li  told us last week that baptism was simply not an option, this week he had already warmed up to the idea that maybe, someday, it might be an option. When he feels God working in his life, and feels a personal witness of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I don't think they will have any issues.

The past couple days I've been doing an in depth study of 1 Nephi 4, in efforts to understand better how to recognize the promptings of the spirit. I have . . . learned so much. So I just want to encourage anyone with interest to do the same and share with me what they learn! Perhaps one thing that I've picked up on, is that the Spirit works with the knowledge that we already have.

I love you!

These Sisters know where to find good cookies...

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