Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday July 21, 2014

Monday July 21, 2014                                                                                                                          
Dear Family,

 A couple weeks ago Andrea texted us wondering why some people call our church evil and heretical, and asked if we only have one God. We got a hold of her once after that. Then she didn't come to church, and we could not get a hold of her whether we called, texted, or visited her.  I was devastated. But on Sunday, we were calling and waiting for investigators.  I looked out the window and saw her making her way across the parking lot toward the front doors. I was beyond ecstatic. I ran out the doors and gave her a giant hug, and then another!! I thought she was a goner, but not at all! She was still interested, just super busy. It made me realize that I need to trust God a little bit more.

On Sunday we also had another investigator come to church. They apparently work with one of our members. They have met some other members before, and even had conversations about the gospel with our very own missionary Wu JM (who just moved from Taidong) before she came on a mission! We are harvesting the seeds others have planted.

I hear there might be a typhoon coming to Taiwan this week, so we'll see if anything exciting happens there.

Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards

Sister George and I reunite! Exchanges

Sister Peay and our matching dresses at the leadership seminar :)

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