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Monday July 14, 2014

                                                                                                                                    Monday July 14, 2014
Dear Family,

I hope all of you are enjoying nice summer heat like I am! It's getting pretty warm in Taiwan . . . and I absolutely love it. There is something about heat and sunlight that is just happy.

Friday night a member called us and invited us to go out to eat with him and his friends the next day. This group included members, non-member Christians, and those with no religion at all. Before going, we asked the member what he thought would be best to share. "How to know if God exists and loves me," he told us.  When we went, we met Wu2 Na4 (Apple) from mainland China. And she is curious. She has been told from birth that God does not exist. But she's had some experiences that were just too coincidental, and have caused her to wonder. During the dinner we had a rich conversation about God, before our "spiritual share" time.   This discussion led perfectly into the thoughts that we had prepared. Apple agreed to come to church the next day. And she did!  She came with her wonderful member friend. We met with Apple both before and after church. She is so interested to know if God really exists. It was amazing!

We went to visit an investigator, and after the visit, we were walking down the stairs and all of a sudden one of the doors at the bottom of the stairs caught my attention. I had a thought, "I should knock on that door." Ok. Why not? Nothing will probably come of it. I knock on the screen door, looked past the screen into the room, and my heart dropped. Yang2 Han2 Yu4! One of my former investigators from DANSHUI! How is that even possible??? Although she did not want to meet with us again, I believe that God wanted me to knock on that door and witness to that girl that he is aware of her and that he is trying to communicate with her. It was one of the most incredible miracles I have witnessed.

 Sister George's birthday was the 11th so we surprised her on the roof of our apartment with cake. Yay!

Missionaries gather together:

With Sister Day

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