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Monday May 27, 2013

Monday May 27, 2013

THANK YOU for the package with needed stuff! Today the temple is closed so I only have next week to do the names. I will most likely leave them with a sister in the generation younger than us if we don't finish them. And the bread was delicious!! So I LOVE my watch, but the glow in the dark feature has failed! It's also starting to get a little worn out, so if you happen to see one that is similar and not too expensive . . . I would love it. Also please send my iPod with my earphones and the cheap little speakers I bought (just in case, although I don't think we use earphones in the field)! If you can mom, get someone to help you and connect my iPod to my laptop, take off any of the church music I put on that isn't a hymn or motab (just in case, I don't know the rules yet), and then if you can figure out how, get the conference music from the past . . . well as many conferences as you can on. Dave, Jeff, or Spence could probably help you, or honestly one of my roommates or friends probably wouldn't mind if you gave them a call either. THANK YOU!!!!!!! This will be a huge help and blessing if you can--music really helps me feel the spirit.

So Nick Emery is at the MTC right now, and is in my classroom-building, just on a different floor. Seeing as my roommate is very involved in basketball, we celebrate every time we see him and have been contemplating ways to arrange a meeting between the two. Right now the winner is asking him to marry her for eternity in Chinese. Mostly I just want to see that because it would be so funny. We also had a cool visitor this week--Elder Osguthorpe (president of the general Sunday school presidency) dropped by our classroom and talked to us for several minutes--he speaks Chinese! Who knew? Also I forgot to tell you that last week Elder Nelson came and spoke to us, which was really cool. We had two general authorities while at the MTC--Scott and Nelson. Before I forget, I had a cool experience last night with our devotional. It was Brother Steve Allen (managing director of the missionary department or something like that), who spoke to us about a month ago actually. He is a REALLY good speaker. It was cool though, because he stood up and said he had planned a funny and entertaining address, but felt prompted earlier that day, and then again when he found out we were watching Sister Monson's funeral after his address, that he should speak on something else. And so with absolutely 0 preparations he gave a very spiritual devotional through which the Lord spoke to me again some things he'd told me earlier through my branch president during our departure interview. It was really cool.

I believe that this is Rachel's new companion.  Since no
name was ever given we will just call her
Sister No Name.  Perhaps something will turn up
at a later date.  

 This is the last week! I'm actually getting a new companion tomorrow morning--a sister who already new Chinese coming in. She has been in the already-know-your-mission-language place for the past few weeks, and is now coming to our zone for her last week to prepare to go to the field. I've met her before and I really like her, so I'm excited! I'm hoping this will help my Chinese improve too. It's strange that it's the last week . . . time passes by so quickly here. Sometimes time flies ;)

 Emily: CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR CALL!!!! You are going to LOVE your mission, I promise.

Jessica: I . . . am . . . so  . . . excited . . . for  . . . you!!

Everyone: If you have sent me a letter, know that I really appreciate it, and I want to write you as soon as I can. Time is so limited, so just know that it might take me several weeks to respond to a letter, and I might not be able to respond individually in the future. Our branch president talked to us, and I may not be sending out a ton of letters. Know that I still love you all and that I really appreciate hearing about what is going on in your life and I would absolutely love to still get a letter!

Wow! Sorry I have less than five minutes left to respond to your letters! This means I will only be responding to direct questions, but know that I loved hearing about everything! I didn't have to give a talk in Chinese, and next week is fast Sunday, so I'm off the hook! Whew! I know some people who can give a talk without any preparation . . . hm hm . . . but I am not one of them :) Also mom, I forgot to get the exact dates so I'll have to check, but I was released last Sunday (so the . . . 19?) and I think I served for four weeks. Remind me in your next letter and I will double check.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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