Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monday June 10, 2013

Dear Family,
Let's see. My companion is Sister Sutton and she is awesome! She's been sick, so that's a bit rough, but even sick she is still up and going, for which I am grateful. She is from Idaho and has been on the island for almost a year. I really like my mission president and wife, for which I am really grateful. They are from Tennessee and are just wonderful.
So we actually still don't have bikes, but hopefully this week we'll get them. Which has meant more walking than normal perhaps, but that's OK!

I have 8 minutes until the computer shuts down. Ah! Let's see . . . this has been an adventure!  Taiwanese people are SO NICE. Much much more patient and kind than Americans, especially the ward members are. For which I am  grateful. There was a baptism on Saturday, and that was neat to go to. Although Jet lag is still hitting me and I was having a really hard time staying awake.
We have a general authority of some sort coming on Sunday and we all have to prepare a 3 minute talk on a particular subject with one memorized scripture. So hopefully that will be fun! I don't know how we're getting there actually . . . we're in Zhudong and it took about 2 solid hours of travel time to get here from the mission home, not counting the time getting to and from trains and buses.

I'm afraid the computer will shut off on me. Thank you for your prayers! This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life, and I really appreciate your letters. I'm still on island so I haven't given up yet!!!! I love this place!

Wow. You do not know how much I needed that email from you right now. Thank you!!! Taiwan is . . . beautiful! It's hot but I love the heat and humidity (probably because I don't think it's been too bad so far :)). You think you like watermelon? You need to come to Taiwan and then you'll see what fruit is really like! I've only had a bit and it is SO GOOD! I thought they put sugar on the pineapple . . .nope, it's just that sweet!
Wow . . . mission. This is . . . hm. Harder than I thought it would be in different ways than I was expecting I think. Looooonnngggeessstt week I have ever lived in my life I believe!!!! (And that's with losing pretty much a whole day in travel!) But I'm both here and still alive, so I'm doing alright.
Well, as I expected, I really don't know any Chinese and can't understand a word, but the people here are SO NICE. Really . . . these are the best people I have ever met in my life. Especially the members!!! Holy cow they love their missionaries (and are really patient with the fact that I can't understand anything they are saying). We will be able to have lessons with members nearly every day. I'm serving in Zhudong, and this is the first time they've had sister missionaries in 8 years, and they REALLY wanted us. When we moved into our apartment (which we were really moving in, not just taking over old missionaries' apartment), a member had given us some food and decorated with little paper hearts all over the apartment in all sorts of random places like the ceiling :) I laughed--I LOVE Chinese people!!!  I was really meant to be Chinese. It's funny how little things led to this, but I just didn't notice until now. And I think I was given more opportunities to prepare (Chinese at Hillcrest??) that I didn't take.
Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are VERY appreciated right now.  Love Sister Edwards
Well it is all about service.
  Even though this picture was taken a long time ago, I liked it and finally got it up.  Putting in their hours of service at the MTC.  Now that is the way to shine a floor.  Just put towels on your feet, or better yet the feet of your children and let them shine the floors while dancing.  

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