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Monday October 20, 2014-the end

Monday August 20, 2014
Dear Family,

This past week has really been a good one. For a few weeks there it seemed like nothing was happening: we couldn't find new investigators, the investigators we had weren't progressing, etc. But the past couple of weeks the Lord has been pouring down His blessings on us. I wonder if all He really wanted was to teach me that it is HIS work, not mine, and that things go according to His plan. And it's important that I work hard, but even then, it is still in HIS time.

Last Sunday night we had dinner with a member.  At the end of our share we asked for a referral. The Dad told us about a girl in is Cram school that he has invited to church before. She is really interested, but her family owns a breakfast shop, which is opened the same time church is, so she hasn't been able to come.  He said we could come Monday night to meet her. When we went over on Monday night, not only did we meet her, but we shared the first lesson, set a baptismal date, and set up a time for our next visit! I think she was supposed to be doing homework at that time . . . but I figure that lesson was more important than any homework she ever has, is or will do. We met with her a few days later, and she'd already read to I Nephi 10, which was way more than we'd invited her to. After teaching the Plan of Salvation, we asked her if she believed it was true. She said yes. When we asked her why, she told us she believed because it was just so GOOD. The Spirit was simply THERE. It was a neat experience.

This week we had an incredible experience with a member. She's been struggling lately. We didn't know that. We asked her to Peike. She didn't want to . . . but decided she'd better since she has some history with that particular investigator. Then, the investigator stood us up. We asked our Peike if we could pray for her, and then shared a scripture with her. She began to open up to us about some of the spiritual struggles she'd been having lately. As we talked there were tears in both her eyes and ours. My wonderful companion received pure inspiration. She invited this member to ask her wonderful and loving husband for a priesthood blessing, and she agreed to. Sunday morning she and her husband were assigned to speak. The change in her was obvious. When she first got up she bore powerful testimony of Priesthood leaders. Later in her talk, she spoke about meeting with the missionaries, acting on the invitation they (we) had given her, and about the impact it had made in her life. At that moment I knew that I was fulfilling my purpose. And oh the joy! God guides us more than we know.

Missionary work has been exhausting but so wonderful this past week. And it looks to be another really busy week this week. I hope to end with a big bang.

Saturday I finally finished the Old Testament. I had a great sense of accomplishment. While reading the Old Testament I was struck with several things. One of them is the sameness of God. Although people tend to talk about the God of the Old Testament as one of wrath . . . I feel that that is not exactly true. Oh it definitely talks about His wrath, but I feel that there is much more going on then what we read on the surface.

I have come to believe that the ancient laws of sacrifice are essentially the exact same as they are now. This life is all about sacrificing our wills and turning to God. The Old Testament CONSTANTLY talks about trusting in the Lord. The gospel then and the gospel now is the same-- built to turn our hearts to God. And that is the way to happiness. I feel it, I feel the light that comes, and the understanding and joy that comes, as I strive to follow Jesus Christ. I fail all the time, but those moments where I draw closer to Him are so . . . filled with sunshine :) No matter what the weather outside is there is sunshine in my soul! I love you! Thank you so much for all of your support and love and prayers!

Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards

Dear friends and family,
This will be Rachel's last blog as a missionary.  She is coming home Saturday October 25.  Her homecoming is November 9th at 12:30.Our church house address is :
1834 East Creek Road
Sandy, Ut
We would love to see you all there.  Just give our family a few days, maybe 48-60 hours to get reacquainted and Rach get her feet back on the ground.  Any more time then that and we will probably be ready to strangle each other.  It has been quite an adventure, and even though everyone tells me how quickly it has passed, it still seems to me that she has been gone forever.  I can't wait till Saturday afternoon.  Teresa

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