Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday October 13, 2014

Monday October 13, 2014
Dear family,

Yesterday we turned to talk to a girl at a light. We asked her if she'd ever been to church before and she said, "Not for a while . . . " As we continued to talk to her, it came out that she is a less-active member! She joined the church a long time ago, but when she moved away from home she became less-active. She now has a little baby and is working, and set up to meet with us! Heavenly Father will guide us to them, or, as seems more frequent, them to us!

Also yesterday we met with Lesly Ann, a Philippine lady working here. As we read 1 Nephi 1:1 with her, she began to reflect on the way God had blessed her during her trials. As she pondered, tears came to her eyes and began to stream down her face. She bore powerful testimony of the way that God had never left her, and had always watched out for her. THAT is the power of the Book of Mormon. I Nephi 1:12, as she read, she was filled with the Spirit of the Lord. As we read with her we were too.

Back in April or May, we started meeting with Andrea. She did not believe in God, but she wanted to know. God quickly answered her prayer, and she began to believe in His existence. As we continued to work toward gaining a testimony of the Restoration and preparing for baptism, Andrea had a big argument with her devout Buddhist mother. Her mom then blocked our number from her phone. I really love Andrea, and feet that she is one of the  big reason that I am in Taiwan. So I continued to send postcards to her at work. This Saturday we met with Andrea again! Our number is no longer blocked, and she has been reading the Bible and praying!! That was a huge miracle for me.

I love being a missionary! Sister Hibbert and I are having SO much fun. We finished up exchanges this past week, and I got to go down to Taidong again, which was fun, but it's nice knowing that this week will be spent

in Hualian.

I love you!! Rachel

This was a qingke from Allen. From left to right: Sister George, Sister Walker, me, Sister Hibbert, Elder Michaelis, Elder Pincock, Elder Montierth, Allen, and then in front is Elder Larsen

Danshui ward after conference.

After all of these months we finally see Rachel's biking form.

Rachel and Sister George with their beloved convert Angel

More with Angel and Zhuang Zhi.

Allison's, the American  right next to me, birthday dinner

At the beach celebrating Angel's birthday

Our Zone! Including all 12 missionaries in Hualian/Ji'an plus 4 Yuli missionaries. From left to right: Sister Walker, Sister Hibbert, Sister Keung, Sister Mao(slightly in front), Elder Senkans (behind Mao JM), Elder Whitlock, Elder Michaelis, Elder Marks, Elder Wang, Elder Chand, Elder Larsen. Then in Front: Sister George, me, Elder Azua (bottom), Elder Montierth (top).

Your guess is as good as mine.

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