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Monday April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014
Dear family,

When I was with Sister Wu on exchanges, we went exploring in a new area in Taidong. There weren't a lot of people/houses, so we prayed about where to go. After we prayed, I pointed the direction that felt best to me, and she said, "That's what I felt before we prayed." Then we found two new investigators, plus some other set-ups, in probably about an hour and a half!  Follow the Spirit. It works.

I was with Sister Zhong in Hualian. We contacted this girl on the street, had a lesson with her and set up an appointment. Now this accomplishment in and of itself is one of the miracles of missionary work, but was not the part that really impressed me. As we spoke to her I felt that she had been searching for something like our message.  She wanted to know her Heavenly Father, and I felt the Spirit testify to her through me.

Saturday night we were calling all our investigators to remind them about church, and we called Jun1, who is a rather new investigator. She said she was in Taipei, but that she would be home in Hualian the next day . . . and that she would come to church! Then, despite going to bed at 2:00 the night before, she woke up at 6:00 on Sunday morning and came to all three meetings of church!!

 Zhi4 is one of those eternal investigators, but he made progress this week! For me this was a personal miracle. As we sat in McDonald's and taught him, I was more bold and persistent than I ever have been when I invited him to come to church. After the lesson I worried that I was pushing too hard and not really empathizing with him. Later as I thought back on the lesson, I realized that I had been guided by the spirit. In the lesson, I simply KNEW what I needed to say. It was so clear, and it felt so right. In the lesson I had no uncertainty or worry; I knew what he needed to hear and to do. Then I called him Saturday night, and after more talking, he committed to come to church. He did he came to church on Sunday!!!!  Only for the first hour, but he is finally putting forth some baby steps that will allow his faith to grow.

I love you! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards

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