Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday February 24, 2014

                                                                             Monday February 24, 2014

We’ve had the most wonderful week, maybe the best of my entire mission. Shan1 passed her baptismal interview and so did Angel! They will be baptized this upcoming Friday morning at 10:00.  Shan 1 has been prepared for a long time, so that was not a big surprise, but miracles happened to prepare Angel. As we pondered whether or not to schedule her interview and as we invited Angel to ponder whether she wanted to schedule an interview or not, we received an answer. I prayed so hard to know what was right . . . and Heavenly Father answered.

The Zhang family is amazing. We hadn't met with them for a while, and the mom has gone to weekend classes this month, so we were a bit worried about them.  As we met, the dad told us how he reads the BOM on the MRT, and he reads quite a bit. The mom is really busy right now, but because of our encouragement to read just a little each day, she is reading the scriptures daily also. They pray together as a family every night, and even their little girl joins in on the "amen!" They are following the Word of Wisdom, and have felt a difference in their lives.  We had to change their baptismal date and suggested March 22. That day didn’t work for them. They then asked about March 15!!!  More important than all of these commitments that they keep, I can FEEL their relationship with God growing. The mom's last day of class was yesterday, but the Dad still came with their daughter to Taipei for Stake Conference. They are an absolute miracle that fell into our laps . . . and it just seems to keep coming!

One other really cool miracle was Chen JM, a member. She peiked for us while we were on exchanges (so I wasn't in Danshui), and apparently was talking to Sister Nelson and Sister Gruwell about her son, who lives with his dad in YongHe. She had given her son a Book of Mormon. Sisters Nelson and Gruwell simply suggested she invite her son to meet with the missionaries. "All you can do is invite." Yesterday night I answered the phone, and Chen JM told us that her son agreed to meet with missionaries. I love Chen JM. As her voice cracked on the phone, and she began to weep openly, I felt the love of God and the love of mothers, and the real purpose of missionary work. Her son will be meeting with missionaries in Yonghe, so our part in this story is small, but I will never forget that experience

The investigator whose husband is a member is still doing really well! Because of her work schedule she couldn't meet with us last week, but we are meeting with her on Thursday.

Also our Yang Jm from last week accepted a baptismal invite! She is doing really well! She came all the way to Taipei with us for Stake Conference!

Amy . . . was one of the saddest moments I've had on my mission. She finally sent a text to us this week, after several weeks of calling, texting, and finally leaving a message. Before she went home for the break she REALLY wanted to get baptized.  In her text she said that she was banned from going to church and that after talking to her parents, she is not sure what she really wants anymore. However, she also said she would keep reading and praying. Although it was hard to hear . . . I was still filled with hope.  I know she felt  the spirit. I felt her sincere spirit. I know this gospel is true. I know God loves her. She will have another time, another chance. Of this I am certain. If she continues to read and pray, she will find the gospel of Jesus Christ eventually. I love her and will keep praying for her.

I was so inspired listening to all those who spoke at the missionary conference, including Elder and Sister Holland. Rarely, if ever, have I ever been in a conference so filled with the Spirit. The air was almost thick because of it.

I love you!

Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards/ Du Jiemei

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