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We got a referral this week from some missionaries who ran into a former investigator named Yu4. We met with her on Saturday and had one of the coolest experiences I've had with an investigator. She showed up to the church in a skirt with a Book of Mormon in hand. It turns out she met with missionaries two years ago in Hualian, and came to Danshui a couple of times, but, because she felt pressured, stopped coming. Lately she has had some problems (almost sounds like depression), and feels painfully lonely. She had a teacher tell her before the break that she needed to find a religion--no matter what religion it was. Then, during the break, she ran into missionaries. Hence, our lesson. As I listened to her talk, it was so obvious that she needed to feel God's love for her. I began speaking and felt the Spirit testify to her of God's love.I think that she is ready and so wanting the gospel. That night was our ward's Valentine's Activity. We had an appointment, and so couldn't attend, but she stayed after for the activity too! And then came to church the next day! She seems sincere.

As usual Temple tours were awesome. We had the opportunity to teach an investigator of some Elders. I have never felt like a lesson was guided so clearly by the spirit as that lesson was. She had just come from the family history center.  She had questions about temples that were answered perfectly as we shared our message of the restoration.  It was neat to be a part of that experience.

The progress of one of our investigators, is noteworthy. Her husband is a member.  She just FEELS the spirit. As she talks about her experiences with prayer and the Book of Mormon. It is obvious how prepared she is to be baptized. In our lesson on Saturday night, we moved her baptism date up two weeks! Our lesson in gospel principles at church this past week was about the Holy Ghost. She was sitting by Sister Nelson, and told her that she feels the Holy Ghost every day.

Li Lu came to church this week again! She is doing really well in preparation for her 3/1 baptismal date!

 Angel is doing alright, but still doesn't feel super ready for baptism. We are trying to decide if we should schedule a baptismal interview this week or not (in preparation for her 2/28 baptismal date).

We are SUPER excited for this weekend. We have a member of the quorum of the twelve coming, as well as a member of the presidency of the seventy, the Presiding Bishop, a member of our Area Presidency, and an Area Authority Seventy. AAHHHHH!!!! And I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell who the apostle is . . . but it's the same one who came to Jerusalem when I was there, if you remember that. So we are just really excited!

I love you!!

Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards/ Du Jiemei

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