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Monday Novermber 11, 2013

Monday November 11, 2013

The best part of my week was our lesson with XXXSan. She had finished all the missionary lessons before I arrived at Danshui, but hadn't received an answer. This week when we visited her and asked her about the Book of Mormon, she said, "Zhe shi zhende." (This is true).  I don't know if better words have ever been spoken. I believe in the power of the Book of Mormon! It was amazing. I don't know if she realizes just what her belief means, but it was the greatest of all miracles for me. Which made it all the more bitter when she didn't come to church Sunday. She'll make it, slowly but surely. Conversion doesn’t always happen as quickly as we sometimes want it to. I know the Book of Mormon is true!

I don't know if XXX JM’s faith has grown a ton yet, but she is reading, praying and CAME TO CHURCH THIS WEEK! If she keeps doing these things, with real intent, she will know. I was afraid she would not want to meet with us. I didn't know if transferring from an English class student into an investigator would evolve smoothly, but I was wrong! Out of all our investigators, and those who said they'd come to church, she was the only one who really showed up. Yes XXXJM!

As we were contacting last Monday we ran into a college student who was really curious, talked to us and asked good questions. We ended up teaching him the entire first lesson. Both of us felt like the spirit was strongly there--it was so cool! I think Heavenly Father really wanted us to find him that night, because both of our lessons cancelled last minute-- which made it possible for us to find him! We had to give him to the Elders, but it was still cool.

We had 6 peike’s this week! I know that doesn't sound like a lot (nor should I be thinking too much about numbers) but it is really hard to find peike’s, so I count it as a miracle! Especially with all the cancellations we had this week. People were cancelling so much that I'm starting to rely more on them cancelling than on them showing up. But those hours spent calling to find peike’s paid off! Along with the ward members helping us peike, we've been meeting with the Bishop while the Mission leader's been gone. That has been so beneficial. The Bishop and his wife are really supportive of us as  missionaries, and it makes a huge difference."

What is on my mind the most at this very moment--is the inconvenience of sitting on a bruised tailbone!! I'm not sure how I did it . . . but I woke up one day this week with a VERY sore tailbone! I can't sit in certain positions, or lay flat on my back very comfortably!  So that's been fun, especially when I'm riding a bike. :)

This past week I had interviews with President Day.  He really does receive revelation for us. It's funny how he changes for every missionary; he is the mission president every missionary needs. I felt so uplifted after talking with him. I felt approval of my efforts, but inspired on things to do to improve. He really is one of the most filled-with-love persons that I have ever met. It makes him an amazing mission president.

I shared with President Day some of my goals. The advice he gave me was to 1) make the Savior a bigger part of my life every day, and 2) give the glory to God for every good thing that happens to me. So these are the things that have been on my mind. As a general question for anyone who wants to answer: 

How did you develop your personal relationship with the Savior?

I've just started reading Jesus the Christ too, and I LOVE it! It is so good! I am learning a lot. Although my study time just got a lot shorter and there was never enough time to begin with! I love this gospel. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior. Serving the Lord every day is a special opportunity that I am really grateful for.

Our apartment in Danshui is so nice!!! No dehumidifier, but AC, yes :) And it's beautiful. We can cook in it . . . but we don't :) Food on the streets is so convenient and cheap, so we usually eat out. Taiwanese people actually eat out a lot more than we do in America for that reason, although not as much as us missionaries :). Food in Taiwan!! It's so good and it's so different sometimes . . . which I love. I love trying new foods. It's fun to always have something new to try--and it's all delicious! Lately I've been craving moon cakes, a traditional mid-autumn festival treat, which we don't get a lot of after the festival; so I think we might have to go find some today! There are a lot of different kinds, but one of the more common ones that I really like is a cooked egg yolk in the middle, with sweet red bean paste around that, all surrounded by the pastry part. So good!!

I love you

This is from a lady in my ward, the one on the left

Planning is with man, accomplishing with heaven.

Man proposes, God disposes.

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