Friday, July 12, 2013

Monday July 8, 2013

Dear Family and friends,

Some sad news! As of Tuesday they clarified the rules on music more clearly and my iPod won't work because it can play videos!  Thank you for working with me. Maybe you can send some CDs and I can buy a CD player.

Also not this upcoming week, but the week after that, we have a temple day! But it's on Wednesday, so that's when our p day will be. Also it takes like 2 hours (3? I forgot) to go to Taipei, so we will have to wake up really early and I'm not sure if I'll have time to write at all that day . . . just a warning! But I'm so excited to go to the temple!! Our district will get to go early and do initiatory too!!

I'm so glad to hear you had your annual 4th of July breakfast!! I was thinking about that on the fourth and hoping you were cooking, eating and  celebrating.

Yes I did get all your letters when I first got there and I LOVED it!!! Thank you so much everyone!!!!!  I love hearing from my family.  Thank-you everyone. . We're especially pressed for time today because we are going to a less-active young woman's house and she will teach us to cook, and then we're going to the beach after, and we still need to buy food and do laundry and studies! I'm so excited for the beach and lunch today though.

Speaking of food! Has anyone ever tried brown rice milk before?? It is so good!!! Most of the time I prefer eating my treats versus drinking them. For example, in the MTC I never drank anything but water ever. But in Taiwan they have these delicious milk drinks! Brown rice milk is thick and sweet and DELICIOUS! Also winter melon tea mixed with milk! Mmmmmmm. . .  :)

Wow weather in Utah!! From what I remember you telling me last week, I think it's hotter in Utah than it is in Taiwan! Although the humidity sometimes means sweating more than I think you would in Utah. We have had some BEAUTIFUL sunset skies in the past 3 or 4 days!! One day I will get Sister Sutton's pictures and will show you.

Tell the grandmas and Auntie I say hi and I love them!

Coolest miracle this week! It's called Doris (her English name. In Taiwan English names are used more--like it's not quite the same as having a Chinese name in America). We were looking for a member's house to do a little thank you thing, but we couldn't find it (well, really her car. We were going to put some cute flower sticky notes all over her car with a ka3pian4 -card-). Then we were trying to cross this street and a woman walked past us and we started talking to her. Her name is Doris, and I felt the spirit testify to her through me that God has a plan for her, and I know she felt it too because I could see her eyes starting to tear up. She told us she thought that maybe God planned our meeting. I'm not sure what is going to happen with her, but that is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. She made an appointment with us, but when the day came she came to the church and told us she couldn't meet right then. She didn't want to give us her phone number ... so there's really not much we can do but pray for her. I really hope she remembers what she felt and decides to call us back. If she did call us it would be another miracle because I've never had somebody who got our number and we didn't get theirs and they called us. But I've never had a first lesson on the street like that either!

We also have met several times with a Ye4 JM, and I . . . think she has a lot of potential . . . but it could really still end in nothing. But I love her! Yesterday we met her mom and her mom told us we look like Barbies. It was so funny. Old Chinese people are SO CUTE!

Out of time! I love you!

Sister Edwards

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