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Monday July 22, 2013

 Monday July 22, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,                                                                               

Thank you all for your letters! I had a lot of letters waiting for me in my inbox today . . . and I loved it!! I probably won't get to most of you today, but I will try to catch up next week!

1. The typhoon was exciting! We had to stop proselyting at 5:00 pm . . . but then the Typhoon didn't really hit hard until later that night. But when it did . . . it was crazy!!! The hole in the wall for our AC is bigger than the AC is . . . and the cardboard and plastic covering the rest of the hole did NOT survive! In the middle of the night we were up with tape and whatever we could find trying to stop the rain from coming in. Regardless of our efforts, we had quite a bit of mopping to do in the morning. My first Typhoon!!

2. Training lasts two transfers, so I'm still with Sister Sutton for this transfer . . . YAYAY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE her!!!

I haven't heard from Doris:(

This is my letter to the president:

This week started off slow; Sister Sutton's cold had gotten worse, so we stayed inside Monday (not our p day because of the temple) and went to the doctor. She got some medicine and started to finally feel better a day or two later! The Temple on Wednesday was amazing. I didn't quite realize how much I missed the temple until going back. The spirit of the temple seemed so much stronger without having it in my life for the past 6 weeks, and preparing a little more for it than I usually do. It definitely answered some of my prayers.

Sister Sutton and I have really been having a hard time with getting progressing investigators. This week we had around four new investigators, so I hope to be able to continue meeting with them! One of them was really cool. A YW in our ward brought her good friend from middle school and we had a good lesson AND she set a baptismal date. Our first invitation extended and successfully received. She is just a happy, friendly, and open person who has a really good example of what it is to be a member of the church through her friend.  For example, when we asked her about prayer, she said she had prayed with her friend. However, yesterday at church the investigator's friend told us that that the investigator's dad didn't want her to continue, It looks like we probably won't be able to meet with her again. AH! That was so disheartening! Especially after struggling so much to get investigators and FINALLY having someone who really seemed to want the gospel.

We also spent some time at a member's house in our ward who is going through some big trials. The dad is in a wheelchair, and the mom just got back from the hospital, where she had been for the past couple of weeks because of cancer. They have several young kids. As we shared  our testimonies of  the Savior and His power, I really felt . . . so much love for this family.

I love you!!! Thank you for your letters!! Everyone! They mean so much, even if I don't respond, they really do.


Sister Edwards

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