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Monday May 5, 2014

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Monday May 5, 2014
Dear family,

We met Sister Liao a couple of weeks ago, and she agreed to meet with us again on Wednesday.  We went to our appointment.  As we began to talk with her, she pulled out her Book of Mormon. She had read to 2 NEPHI 2:26!  In less than a week!  It was incredible.  And… she remembered what she had read. As we began to teach the Plan of Salvation, she was stunned and enthralled with the spirit world.  She had never heard about the spirit world before. It was so cool to see her so touched.

Apparently we had stopped a Sister Huang on a scooter, invited her to church, and given her a tract with our names and number on the back. SHE contacted US to tell us she wanted to come to church!!!  That does not happen.  And then, she and her daughter, Sister Zeng, CAME TO CHURCH! They were humble and willing to listen. As she introduced herself in Sunday school, the teacher asked how she happened to be there.  "Du Jiemei talked to me at a stoplight," she told the teacher.  It was one of those moments that you never forget. Perhaps I actually do do some good sometimes:)

I’ve been thinking a lot that I need to have better prayers. I love the Bible Dictionary's definition and description of prayer. I don't have it in front of me right now, but it goes something like "prayer is the method by which the will of the Father and the will of the child are brought into correspondence." I love this. When we just pray for all of the selfish things that we "want," we miss the point of prayer. But when we seek the will of the Father, our prayers become much more meaningful. I also love the part that says "prayer is a form of work." And it is! I know when I am saying true and sincere prayers, I don't start falling asleep, because I am truly pouring my heart out to God and crying to Him. When we TRULY cry to the Lord in our prayers, we will find the answers we are searching for. Not in our time or way, but in His. And they do come.

I love you!

Sister Rachel Caroline Edwards/ Du Jiemei

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