Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monday September 1, 2013

Monday September 1, 2013

Hi Everyone,

"This week has been . . . insane, and in a most wonderful sense. Moving helped me realize how much I loved the members of the ward I was close to, the investigators we were working with, and wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Sister Sutton!! I was actually surprised how full my heart was- I just didn't realize how deeply everyone was planted in my heart. Thursday night one of the members (who really made a huge difference in my life the past two months) threw me a mini going-away (surprise!) party. I felt incredibly loved. And one of our investigators was there, XXX JM I love her so much!! She's moving to Taoyuan . . . so those sisters had better take good care of her!

Speaking of XXX JM she is progressing so well!!  She's keeping anxiri and the Word of Wisdom! She participates in everything and is still looking to baptism. I don't think she has a complete testimony, but she will definitely develop one if she continues the way she is!! XXXJM is Sister Sutton’s and mine miracle.

Last week we had another cool miracle! Sister Sutton and I were riding are bikes to a far- away place, and the appointment we were riding to cancelled. So we decided to start contacting on our way home, we said a prayer, and started out. Sister Sutton later told me that after the prayer she heard a voice say look behind you. When she did she saw a girl there. As I started pedaling off I heard Sister Sutton say something behind me, so I stopped. She rode up to me, and pointed out the girl behind us. At that point she had turned and started walking up the big hill.  I said, "Let's follow her!" We ended up talking to her on the street, and when we asked when we could meet with her again, she said “What about right now?”  So we went to her home and taught her the first lesson!! We couldn't believe how perfectly everything worked out--how much Heavenly Father had directed us. It was a miracle.

Oh Sister Sutton, I had the best trainer ever! She was so perfect. I miss her. 

Danshui is my new area, and Sister Taylor is my new companion! She's from Los Vegas. Changing was crazy--it feels like I'm starting my mission over, except with a little more experience this time. I'm still figuring out how to do things with Sis Taylor in Danshui, but it's awesome! 

I'm excited about my new companion! Sister Taylor is quite different, and I love seeing a new and different way to do missionary work! Her confidence and ability to just start talking with people definitely helps me relax and talk with people too. I'm excited to work with her. Sister Taylor is an awesome missionary!! I feel like I'm already learning so much from her that I want to permanently keep doing, and it's easy to see the awesome relationships she has with other people. She is so good!

Serving with Sister Taylor in Danshui has been crazy and wonderful so far!! Saturday Jean was baptized . . . and it was definitely a baptism I will NEVER forget. Our "font" is a little mini swimming pool thing, and Sister Taylor and I set it up on Saturday- something neither of us had ever done. As we found out later, it turns out that you're supposed to turn the supports after snapping them in place, but we didn't know this, so we didn't do it.  Jean (who is scared of water by the way) stepped into the font, yelping as it was. The bishop began the baptismal ordinance. He finished the prayer, down Jean went, and down the "font" went as well!!  A huge wave of water cascaded out as everyone scrambled to grab the sides of the font and hold it up.  BUT…she made it! Witnesses said the baptism had been a success!! I know a baptism is supposed to be a spiritual experience, and I feel bad it wasn't quite what I would have imagined . . . but it was definitely memorable!! This Jean is SUPER awesome. I met her Saturday at her own baptism, but I feel like I really hit it off SO well with her. This entire ward . . . I already feel at home! I think this is because of Sister Taylor and how much she is a part of the ward, and the easy way she talks with people. Sister Taylor helps bring to the surface the out-going side of me and I’m not so nervous. The bishop is INCREDIBLE!! I'm so excited!!!"

I love you!!  Sister Edwards

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