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Monday August 5, 2013

Monday August 5, 2013

Dear Family,

This week has been a good one! We now have two progressing investigators, and I think they have a really good chance of continuing to progress toward baptism . . . the first ones that have made it this far since I've been out! It's really exciting! One is a XXX. We met her on the street, and she agreed to meet with us. On our first meeting last Monday she agreed to baptism, although she expressed a little worry about family protest. She is 18. The YW president was with us and the YW pres. invited her to come to the YW dinner that was scheduled right after our next visit. She came to both our lesson and the YW dinner, listened really well, started making friends with the YW, agreed to go the YW activity the next week, and church!! And she showed up to church! We might be overloading her with invitations to come to so many activities (during YW at church the president invited her to more I think), but she is so willing! It truly is a miracle!! I'm so grateful for a companion who followed the spirit to stop and talk to her.

The other progressing investigator is XXX  (Angel). She has some special problems, but I hope that she will continue to progress! At our last meeting she said she had prayed for her boyfriend and it had made a difference! The power of prayer is real!! We completely forgot to extend the baptism invite (Ah!), but we will this week, and I think and hope that she will accept.

We're also working with a few less actives that I hope we can help. One has been married in the temple, but her husband is now completely inactive and has no desire to come back. She still comes to church often, but it's hard. She wants that family that she sees others at church having. It's difficult to know how to help her . . . but I know the gospel is for everyone, and the Savior suffered for EVERY pain, so there will be a way for her. There is also a XXX  who still has such a strong testimony . . . but hasn't been to church in a long time! She invited us to dinner this week with her family (she is the only member), and I hope that we will be guided by the spirit to help her. She is already making resolutions regarding her scripture reading and improving her relationship with HF, so we'll see.

Sister Sutton is amazing! We've really seen some miracles this week together, and she has been such a support for me. I am SO GRATEFUL to have her as my companion!! I'm really excited for the miracles I know we are going to see this week!"

I've been meaning to tell you for a few weeks now, but keep forgetting! I know a descendant of the Sun who wrote The Art of War!! How cool is that??


Sister Rachel Caroline Edward

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