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Monday May 13, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

Before I forget, I need to tell you that I don't think dearelder runs Saturday through Monday. It definitely doesn't on the weekend. Just so you know why I didn't respond to your letters last week until this week.

Thank you for such a wonderful birthday!! I was not expecting to be so spoiled!! Thank you so much, I really can't explain to you how loved I felt yesterday, especially with your package with the cards and gifts. Mom the cat card cracked me up, I loved it; and the words inside touched my heart. Thank you. And nice job with the perfume! I really like it and I loved  the story of how it was acquired. The shirts are awesome too! I'm wearing one right now :)  The hanger things will come in very handy I think, so thank you for that! The side bag also came, and it looks great, thank you! It's bigger than I remembered, but hopefully that's OK. We'll see

 "Happy Birthday tomorrow Emily!" 
Thank you so much for your package!!! I was blown away by it.  I want to writ you a full letter, but in case I don't get the chance, please tell me when you get your call as soon as you can.  I'm so excited for you!!! 

The cupcakes were from Chloe, who is now in Thailand, The package that Emily sent me, included cookie dough My roommates will think the cookie dough is funny, and the long candy in the sack is "Jerusalem Sour Straws "                                                              

Saturday morning my one companion went with me to the early morning sisters exercise class they have. When we got back, our room was completely decorated by our other companion, with Sis Barden's help! My sneaky companions . . . I had no idea they were planning that! I felt so . . . special! My favorite was a piece of paper with "21 things we love about sister Edwards" that different people had written on. That night someone got our whole zone gathered outside our classroom door, they poked their head in to ask me if I could come outside for a second, where everyone sang happy birthday to me in Chinese. The packages from friends and family were opened throughout the day, and I felt so loved the whole day. It was a wonderful birthday. We also taught our investigator about the Word of Wisdom, which was particularly ironic on my 21st birthday I thought!                

Thank all the pets too for their gifts (. . . I'm thinking they were really from Auntie . . . so thank you auntie!) I ate myself sick with all the treats and loved it  Thank you grandmas for your cards, I really appreciated your thoughtfulness. Auntie thank you especially for your gift and your card. It meant so much to me.

Thank you for your letter Lizzi! It was so fun to read! To answer the continual questions about my companions, they are becoming my good friends! They are wonderful, so it's easy to get along with them. One I especially relate to, and I love that.

Tell Jeff good luck/congratulations with finals! (meaning I want to wish him good luck, but I think he's probably done now, so congratulations instead!) I imagine you are really busy with moving out now, so good luck with all the packing!! That is always a hassle for me . . . and I've never even done a big move! Have fun in Chicago with Randy and Claire! They are wonderful. I was actually really encouraged to hear that being a mom is so fulfilling--I want to be a mom someday, but a lot of times I get overwhelmed with how difficult it seems to me to be a mother, so I loved hearing that it is worth all the work it will take. Happy first Mother's Day!!

I'm impressed Dave agreed to go fishing especially with Sam! Some of my favorite pictures are from we went fishing together.

To answer your question about jogging, Sister Barden and I do jog around the field sometimes together, but we have a hard time running for very long--we always end up stopping and talking or what not. My best workouts are usually inside either on a machine or doing an "insanity" work out. Which Sister Barden has joined me for a few times, and that has been  fun! If I don't get a good workout for a few days I start to get really stressed out, so I try to push myself on those few chances we have to yundong (exercise). 

Mandarin is same as always--hard, but super fun, and not too discouraging as long as I don't think about it much. This past week I memorized that first vision, and I recite it to help me relax at night when I'm trying to fall asleep (since I get more consistent sleep now, I don't always fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow like I usually do). I've also made vocab goals--last week was 180 words, which I BARELY made, and I didn't memorize the words super well, so I'm going to try to do better this week. 

Dave and Patti and Sam and Thomas: HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS!!!!! You are getting so old! If I could I would give you a giant hug right now! I laughed when I read about Thomas the Train Cresap Edwards :) Dave you asked about when I leave, and the date is June 4 (or 3rd, I can never remember), so I have about three weeks left. Which seems crazy to me! Weeks fly by. And yes on district members going to my missions! All of my district minus my companion who is going to Hong Kong is going to Taiwan. Most of my generation in general is going to Taipei. Thank you for your advice to the Sister going to Toronto! I told her about it, but I still haven't showed it to her.

 A funny quote from the week: "I enjoy most toilets." It wasn't me, but the companion who said it has requested that the quote remain anonymous :) although on second thought, why not enjoy the little things! Like . . . toilets!

I love you!! Thank you for all your support!!! Please pray for the new sisters coming in this week if you think of it!

Sister Edwards

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